Dick Sim

​I was born and educated in Britain.  I have conducted business in all the major regions of the world. I understand technology, capitalism and the different cultures of the world. I have a PhD in engineering. I have been CEO of public companies and a Director of others in Europe, the USA and Japan.  I have lived in many places in Europe and the USA.  I enjoy being a 24/7 participant in life.

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Dick Sim’s New Book
Freedom to Argue, We the People versus They the Government .

This book addresses what is upsetting the folks in the USA and Europe…….the 1% obsession, illegal immigration, why Muslims have barriers to assimilation in the West, the ongoing global billionaire explosion, why the the established political leaders in Europe and the USA are being upended by populist movements and much more. For quotes and excerpts from the book go to About Freedom to Argue above.