What  “We the People versus They the Government” is about.

  • Who are the political parties that are emerging on the left and the right in Europe and the USA to challenge the centrist political parties that have been in power for the last sixty years.
  • The coming fifty year wave of Immigration from the Middle East and Africa.
  • Is conservative (Salafi) Islam a cult.
  • Why is Africa a failed continent.
  • Why Muslims who grow up in completely Islamic societies are unable to assimilate into Western societies that have democracy, freedom of religion, independent and transparent judiciary systems, women’s rights and free market capitalism.
  • Why western civilization is not perfect but it is the best system in existence.
  • The West has delivered great wealth but is struggling on traditional values. 
  • The intellectual elite is blindly devoted to their multicultural world vision and ignores the every day problems of the working folks.
  • The 28 country European Union is in trouble.
  • The Euro, which is used by 18 countries, needs monetary union but not everyone wants it.

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