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Quotes from “We the People versus They the Government”.

 We are civilized, but the veneer of civilization is fragile.

Life at its start is profoundly unfair and always will be.

The admonishment to be aware of strangers is just not a mother’s teaching; it is an intuitive tribal response.

It is individuals, not groups, that drive progress.

The United States has a powerful wealth-creation system based on its small businesses and its larger global corporations.

Today we have billionaires all over the world, and their numbers are increasing very rapidly.

Islam is a religion that is more like a cult. If you are born into it, you are not allowed to leave.

Muslims are taught that the purpose of life is to worship the Prophet Muhammed

Saudi Arabia is the country that can determine the future of radical Islam and the Middle East.

The jihad by emigration is the most immediate threat that the Christians need to be concerned about.

Sweden is now number two on the list of countries where one is most likely to be raped, surpassed only by Lesotho in southern Africa.

Over the last fifty years the intellectual elite have made and promoted a number of predictions, all of which have not come about.

President Obama plays identity politics, setting one group against the other in the hope that we citizens will not realize that the main problem we all share is the economy.